With All Arms is a unique offering: at once history, sociological survey and genealogical goldmine. In telling how Spaniard and Indian met, mixed history and marched across nearly five centuries of North America, this work combines church and civil document research, extensive site surveys, bi-lingual networking, and the cultural immersion of a lifetime among its subjects, including the author’s own people. In his colorful language, Carl Duaine addresses questions familiar to us all: who are we, where did we come from, and how did we get here? Beginning with Cortes at Vera Cruz, Duaine takes us on to the triumph of the mestizo in the South Texas of today. It is a forceful, affecting tale, as human as it is to be curious about one's self.

In no other single source is there to be found so much about those who share this amazing past. To absorb this large volume is to further appreciate the role of Hispanic culture in the development of North America, past and present.

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