Chapter Titles:
Introduction—The Hidalgo Class
Chapter I—Continuity:
Through Five Centuries
Chapter II—La Entrada:
Exploration and Conquest
Chapter III—Transition:
Conquest to Consolidation
Chapter IV—Consolidation:
Patterning a Melee
Chapter V—Expansion:
North to New Galicia
Chapter VI—Basques Lead
to La Bufa
Chapter VII—The Winning of the Chichimeca
Chapter VIII—Men Who Lived the History
Chapter IX—The Carvajal Interlude
Chapter X—Don Alberto and Saltillo
Chapter XI—Don Diego and Monterrey
Chapter XII—Don Bernabe de las Cases, et al.
Chapter XIII—Thirty Years of Crisis
Chapter XIV—The Era of Martin de Zavala
Chapter XV—A New Wave of Settlers
Chapter XVI—Chapa and the Zavala Era
Chapter XVII—The Original Mexicans
Chapter XVIII—Saltillo 1620 – 1700
Chapter XIX—The Rio Grande and Beyond
Chapter XX—Self-reliant Survivors
Chapter XXI—The Founding of Ciudad Mier
Chapter XXII—The Stubborn Advance North
Chapter XXIII—Los Llanos de los Mesteños
Chapter XXIV—The Rise of the Mestizo
Chapter XXV—The Emergence of the Indian
Chapter XXVI—The Core Established
Chapter XXVII—The Brown Tide

Genealogical Charts:
The Cortes-Pizarro-Orellana Connection
Ancestors of Macedonia Ramirez, Charts 1 – 21

Early Entrants into Northeastern New Spain
Names in Civil Records of Northeastern New Spain, 1700 – 1726
Ancestors of Macedonia Ramirez
Men Who Served With Cortes
Early Arrivals in Nueva Galicia
Families in Ciudad Mier – 1753
Families in Ciudad Mier – 1757
Land Grants Along the Rio Grande – 1767
Spanish and Mexican Grants in Texas

Highways to the North
The Northern Nations
De Leon’s Route
Jose Matias Ramirez Grant (Palo Blanco)
Llano de los Mesteños (The Wild Horse Desert)

Also featuring:
Illustrations by Jack Jackson
More than 20 Coats of Arms
Complete bibliography and index

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