“… (With All Arms) has become a standard reference work for persons with roots in Northern Mexico and a “must have” book for persons researching the history of the early settlers of that area. Most importantly, this fascinating information will (now) continue to be available to new generations of genealogists and historians.”

- Colonel Earnest A. Montemayor, USAF (Ret.)
Director, Hispanic-American Genealogical Associates

“My personal acquaintance with Carl Duaine was as delightful as imagined interviews with the famous cowboys, outlaws and Indians of an earlier generation … Few of his kind have come into the modern generations … when he spoke, the stories fell from his lips as naturally as if he had lived all of them - the sign of a great historian … His knowledge of the 150 Core Families was unsurpassed in his generation - the sign of a great genealogist. He did his homework (and) covered the sources. With All Arms is one of the classics of our time, a must for any serious researcher in Mexican and Texan genealogies … I cherish his memory and use his writings … in learning how to portray the past so that it comes alive …”

- Lyman D. Platt, Ph.D.
President, Institute of Genealogy and History for Latin America

With All Arms is a treasure, a classic … (by) greatly personalizing the history of the colonization of Mexico (in) the many stories of individuals who I continue to joyfully discover are my ancestors. For the beginner with roots in Northern Mexico and South Texas, it is a perfect over-view. This new edition has (a much larger index, with many) new names … added …”

- Nohemi (Mimi) Lozano-Holtzman
Founder, Society of Historical Hispanic-American Research (SHHAR)

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